Vehicle Lease and Contract Hire in the UK


Establishing and maintaining a fleet of company automobiles is no mean task. Few companies can afford such an expense, and the cost becomes even more prohibitive as the vehicles age and have to be either maintained more often or resold at a fraction of their original value.

That’s why nationwide car leasing services like Vehicle Leasing UK exist: to help customers like you reap the full benefits of owning a fleet of vehicles, but without having to deal with the headaches.

Vehicle Leasing UK has multiple business car leasing options that allow you optimal flexibility when selecting your fleet. Our payment and finance plans ensure that our business car leasing options never break your budget. And as an added service, we offer maintenance packages with each of our contract hire vehicles as well, so that you never have to worry about setting up a maintenance schedule.

Some business car leasing options have an option to purchase at the end of the contract. The biggest advantage to buying via a contract purchase is the maintenance package we offer with the car. We will continue to maintain the vehicle you purchased, just as if it were our own.


Vehicle Leasing UK


Having a car is essential to getting around these days, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. But there are many problems associated with ownership that make it an unrealistic choice for some: high interest loans, declining resale value, regular maintenance, and costly repairs are just a few.

Thankfully, you have another option. Personal and business car leasing are fast becoming a premier alternative to buying a vehicle. With it, you get all of the benefits of owning a car, and none of the drawbacks.

Contract hire is a great arrangement for personal vehicle use if you can’t afford to buy a car outright. It’s also a viable option for businesses looking to create or expand their fleet.

There are many cheap car leasing services available, but one national car leasing company particular stands out for its affordable rates, excellent vehicle selection, and flexible contract hire payment plans.

Vehicle Leasing UK is the best provider of car leasing UK has to offer. Our great selection of automobiles and flexible finance options mean that you can have reliable transportation at the best possible rates.

We have a wide range of car lease deals, for both personal and business car leasing use. One advantage of our payment plans is that you can lease a car model that would normally be too high for your price range. This means you can pick the car that strikes your fancy while paying a fraction of its actual cost!

Since you’ll be leasing a car instead of buying it, you won’t have to deal with maintaining your vehicle. With the additional of a special maintenance package, Vehicle Lease UK will take care of it for you.
You won’t have to worry about the car’s resale value, either. With Vehicle Leasing UK, you can opt to replace the car every time you renew your lease. It’s like buying a new car every time!

If you do happen to fall in love with the car, you can arrange an option to purchase. At the end of your contract, we give you a guaranteed purchase price. You can then decide whether or not you will purchase the vehicle. If not, you can give it back to us and start another contract for one of our Toyota car lease deals, same as before. Should you decide to buy, then the vehicle is yours, and you are fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty terms.

No matter which contract hire option you choose, you get exactly the vehicle you want at a price you can easily understand and afford.


Contract Hire


In the business contract hire method of business car leasing, customers pay a flat monthly fee for their contract hire vehicles. This arrangement is simple to track and easy to control. With it, you can better manage your funds, freeing them up to invest in other areas of your business that bigger potential for returns. The arrangement can be modified at nearly any time, so it gives you a lot of room for managing your fleet the way you want it.

You can also opt to have a standing arrangement with Vehicle Leasing UK, where we make cars available upon request. This saves you the hassle and cost of vehicle storage. This option is especially attractive for companies with limited real estate. It also means that when you eventually do take a vehicle out, you will have access to the latest models in our catalog.

Maintenance options are an integral part of our contract hire UK plans, so that you don’t have to waste time or money on hiring mechanics to keep your fleet running. Vehicle Leasing UK can handle all the work for you, and even replace your cars if need be.


Toyota Car Lease Deals


Vehicle Leasing UK has the best Toyota car lease deals of any business car leasing service. We carry most of the available 2012 ranges of Toyota models, and are constantly adding more to our catalog of contract hire vehicles. We have the Prius, Avensis, Yaris, and the Auris models, and many more, in both four and five door variations.

All of the cars from our Toyota car lease deals come with excellent mileage and are in top running condition. We carry different varieties of each model, with a range of luxury options and colors to suit your personal taste.
We are always updating our business car leasing selection with the latest models, so check back with us regularly for the newest acquisitions.

Visit us now and we’ll get you the best Toyota car lease deals in the UK!