Business Car Leasing in London

London is a difficult city to navigate even at the best of times. And when companies like yours have business meetings across town, public transportation simply cannot get the job done. That’s why more businesses are turning to car fleets for company use. But building and maintaining a fleet is an expensive endeavor.

Fortunately, there are many national business car leasing services available that provide vehicles on a business contract hire basis. Leasing involves renting a car for an agreed upon period of time, rather than purchasing one outright. It allows for flexibility in both car usage and cost, and in many ways is a better option than buying a vehicle.

Of all the nationwide car leasing companies around, Vehicle Leasing UK stands out for its excellent service, wide coverage, and large offering of Toyota car lease deals.

Look out for your London Business Car Leasing Company

Leasing a car is not just for the average citizen. The wise business owner will be able to see the advantages of cheap car leasing over direct purchase and ownership. You can get the vehicles that you want at prices cheaper than market rate. Plus, you don’t have to worry about resale value. Once the leasing periods are over, you are free to exchange the vehicles for newer models at the same low price. Or, if you happen to like the vehicle you’d been using, you can opt to buy it from us at a pro-rated cost.

Maintenance is not a problem with our car lease deals. Our London business car leasing contracts can include a maintenance clause, where we take care of keeping your vehicles in running condition. It’s a convenient alternative to maintaining multiple cars, and also saves on manpower, materials, and time.

Contract hire is one of many finance options available

When entering a contract hire UK contract, you have several payment options available to you. This ensures that you get the vehicle you want at an affordable price. We also provide financing options for customers that need a little help managing their budget.

Businesses can also have a standing “per-need” basis contract hire agreement with us. What happens in this arrangement is that we hold several cars in reserve for the client company, which will be used on an ad-hoc basis when the client needs it. This is perfect for companies that don’t have garage or parking facilities, but still want the advantages of having a company fleet.

We have an experienced team of car lease professionals that can walk you through the process step by step, and make sure every decision you make is an informed one. They’re ready and willing to explain every nuance of the contract, so that you’re not surprised by any hidden fees or terms. Best of all, each car lease representative is local to your area, and can suggest the most realistic vehicle or mileage plans so that you neither underestimate or overpay your car usage.

Choose from many Toyota Car Lease Deals

We have a great assortment of Toyota vehicles for you and your company to choose from. Our catalogs are constantly updated with the latest models and years of Toyota cars in multiple variants. From sedan to 5-door sport, we make sure our line of cars is up to date with the current styles and trends available to car leasing UK companies.

When it comes to London business car leasing, Vehicle Leasing UK has got it all. We’ve got great prices and flexible contract hire payment options to fit every budget. Our collection of vehicles means you only get the best Toyota car lease deals in the area. And finally, we have great customer service that works with you to determine the best approach for building and maintaining your fleet.